Friday, December 19, 2014

The ABC's of Baby Boomer's New Year's Resolution

The festivity is already in the air and in no time, new year will be coming. A time for people to make resolution, a list of to-do things designed to improve our own and other people's lives. The biggest challenge in making a new year's resolution is keeping it, too often, we want to carry out these resolution but fail to keep it.

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With all the issues being faced by the aging baby boomers including health, long-term care, financial and retirement, it would be wise to keep your resolution plain and simple so you can easily carry them out. Perhaps the greatest improvement you can give yourself is good health, keeping your well-being and maintaining your quality of life. However, these are not that easy to achieve.

Making simple goals that can be easily attain through commitment, discipline and dedication are the key so your list of resolution will not be recurring year after year. Boomerplaces shares their simple ABCs for living the baby boomer years, since boomers already have a lot on their plates, they decided to make it simple so there will be little or no spaces for broken resolution.

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