Monday, December 22, 2014

Baby Boomers: Aiming to Combat the Elder Abuse Crisis

The negative thing we hear in the news about kinds of abuse is quite alarming. Abuse does not only happen to children or women but according to recent surveys there are also an increasing number of abuse towards the elderly. As a person grows old it cannot be helped that you will suffer different physical weaknesses as well as diseases. This can be a way for other people to take advantage of you and treat you in a very inappropriate manner. Hence, the establishment of elderly abuse laws is a huge relief because it can be your protection as well as your lifeline.
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Abuse is something we see, hear and even experience in our everyday life. There will be people who thrive on abusing others especially those who are physically incapable of defending themselves. It can be heartbreaking if you know someone who was abused and you are not equipped to defend them. That is why one has to be fully aware of the kinds of abuse law in the country. We have loved ones who are considered senior citizens and they may be subjected to elderly abuse. An elderly abuse can happen in most places even inside the home. If you are a senior citizen and you might think you are suffering from abuse, then it is about time that you are fully aware of your rights and how you can fight by understanding elderly abuse laws. Voicefortheelderly discussed the topic about baby boomers and elder abuse and how families are abusing their aging parents and grandparents.

In recent studies, there are more than half a million reports of abuse against old people. You can just imagine those cases that were not reported to the authorities. It can be alarming and sad to think that there are still elderly people who are suffering quietly and not able to fight back. They are not aware of the elderly abuse laws and how it can help them be free from these abusers.

Each person is responsible in being vigilant and alert if there are signs of elder abuse. It is not just women and children anymore that suffer but also the senior citizens, in fact they are more open to the dangers of elder abuse because of their frail condition. One has to be fully aware of who to go to in case there are elder abuse. That is why the long term care ombudsman is established so that elder abuse would decrease and cases will be reported and verified. The information for elder abuse law should also be disseminated so that a strong awareness in each individual would be possible.
Being an elderly person can be a tough thing to be these days. With more and more people finding ways to abuse them it can be a very hard life for them however, there are ways for a person to fight it. One just has to be equipped with the right knowledge about elderly abuse laws and the right institution that can help fight for the rights of the elderly. Help stop the abuse from going further.

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