Thursday, December 4, 2014

Is Long-Term Care Insurance A Good Investment for Baby Boomers?

A lot of experts suggest acquiring a long-term care insurance policy especially for baby boomers who are already nearing their retirement. More and more people are shying away from this product because the rates have ultimately increased and therefore you will come to a realization and ask yourself "Is ltci a good investment?"

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There are good reasons to purchase long-term care insurance, however, when it comes to retirement, people are prone to think more about saving money and investing it into something where they can get a return. Too often, we only think to place and invest our money where we can make more. Since the rates of an ltci policy continues to go up, you will ponder if it is still worthy to get one.

A good investment is when you can make more money than the cost of investment, and although long-term care insurance may be expensive, the amount of benefits you get is worth more than the amount of money your paid for in premiums. Selfgrowth discussed why this product is a worthy, intelligent and practical investment.

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