Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bringing the Holiday Cheers to Baby Boomers

As you look around, whether in malls, park, schools or even just in the neighborhood, you will feel and smell that holidays are just around the corner. While a lot of seniors and baby boomers feel alone in retirement communities and other long-term care facilities, it's time to brighten their smile and make them feel the holiday cheer.
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A visit is the best gift you can buy for your aging parents or grandparents, but it wouldn't hurt to bring some goodies and gifts for them. With more people living alone in their old age, it can be tough for these boomers to spend the holidays knowing that they have no families and loved ones to present them with hugs and kisses. 

Loneliness and depression are the main issues for seniors and baby boomers especially those who are living with chronic illness, living in a long-term care facility and living alone. They are struggling through with different thoughts on how lonely and depressing their life is, even getting out of bed is an difficult for them, so the approaching holiday season doesn't excite them anymore, they have more issues to deal with. It really wouldn't hurt much if we can make a way to make them feel light and let them feel the happiness of the festivities 
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There are ways to make seniors happy this holiday, Marla Beck shares her idea of spending the holiday with them while addressing and respecting their needs and condition.

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