Friday, October 10, 2014

Boomer Watch: Baby Boomers Impacting America's Healthcare System

When the first wave of baby boomers reached retirement, there were lots of speculations on how the boomers are changing America's health care system. Due to the dramatically increasing numbers of aging boomers, and most of them having health issues, there were assumptions that this will stress the government programs like medicaid and medicare because more and more boomers are requiring long-term care services.

As a result, younger generations are blaming baby boomers for the higher tax being imposed to the working population. Even the quality of care getting low each year is being blamed due to the rising numbers of aging boomers.

However, CNBC pointed out that although baby boomers may have large effect of the US healthcare, they are not the only ones to blame. In one of its article, CNBC pointed out that inflation resulting to costly drugs and the advancement of technology also contributed to the issues being faced by the America's health system.

Read the full details at CNBC about baby boomers and how they impact US healthcare system.


  1. Great piece of entry, thank you for sharing...

    1. Thank you IQROZEN, I was able to come across the article from CNBC and I felt the need to share it :)


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