Thursday, October 23, 2014

Boomer Watch: Main Issues for Baby Boomers and Aging Americans

Are you one of the baby boomers who feels bothered about their future? You are not alone, and it doesn't come as a surprise anymore, people are prone to worry once their transition from their working year to their retirement year, but the boomers generation feels more worried despite some of them having earned financial power.

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With 76 millions boomers, and the country facing issues with inflation, recession, housing and health care, these boomers are facing some serious threats to their financial security. Even if they delay their retirement a few years, a lot of these people still feel that they have not saved adequately for the future, they become more concern about the financial challenges of aging rather than physical, social and emotional challenges.

It was expected that boomers will live longer compared to their older generations, thus, their main concern is having enough money 20 to 30 years down the road. Problems like housing, health and long-term care was found to be the main concern for these people.

LTCoptions published a report based from The US Census Bureau and National Institutes of Health which highlights the main issues faced by baby boomers and older Americans. This report will be helpful in determining how to handle the needs of boomers entering their retirement year.

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