Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Boomer Watch: Generation X to Baby Boomers Long Term Care Needs - "Burden Me Not"

Commonly known as America's neglected middle child, the generation X are now facing the dilemma of being in the sandwich generation taking care of growing children and aging baby boomer parents. So how do you juggle your time between career, caregiving and your personal lives?

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This generation is taking the biggest hit of the critical issues being faced by baby boomer. They are the ones who are trying to create a future for their kids, encountering pressures at work and being stressed because mom and dad needs long-term care services. Do they ever have time to think about their own future long-term care needs?

Being squeezed in the middle is not easy, it takes enormous effort to effectively do all your tasks and responsibility while making sure that you do not forget your own health and well being. As a result, they are juggling and struggling to take care of finances and personal life.

Tony Payne, a business development director, discuss this issue and stress the significance of having a protection like long-term care insurance not only for your parents but for yourself as well being the meat in the sandwich generation so will take away the possibility of being a burden to your children.

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