Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Boomer Watch: Reblogged - October is Long-Term Care Planning Month

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There are more reason to celebrate the month of October - it is long-term care planning month which also marks the resident's right  month, Although it is best to plan for long-term care while you are still young, healthy and employed, October is a special time to observe long-term care planning to remind individuals that there is a need to prepare and plan ahead and to encourage people to find ways and develop a comprehensive plan that will address their future long-term care needs.

Long-term care refers to the variety of services that aims to provide help and cater to the needs of people who are not capable of performing the activities of daily living due to disability, illness, cognitive impairment, and frailty brought about by aging. Majority of receiving ltc services are seniors but there are young individuals who are also dependents of long-term care services. These services comes at a cost which is why planning is important.

The importance of planning for long-term care has been discussed and tackled by different independent and government organization, however, there is still a need to encourage people and make them realize the significance of this action to their future, their finances and relationship with family members.

NJSeniorCare discussed why we need to plan ahead for long-term care

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