Friday, January 9, 2015

Boomer Options for Long-Term Care, Which One Are You?

As we grow older, we want to maintain our independence and quality of life even in the event that we are having a hard time performing the activities of daily living. For most baby boomers, they want to stay in the comfort of their homes, with the presence of their loved ones.

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Too often, nursing homes is the last place that boomers wanted to be. No one dreamed of spending their golden years in a nursing facility, however, we have to anticipate that we will be frail and less mobile as we grow older. We will never be any healthier nor younger than we are today, its either we accept the reality and prepare for it or just hope for the best.

According to baby-boomer-retirement, in terms of moving into a long-term care facility, boomers and seniors can be categorized into three groups: a planner, procrastinator or crasher. Each category was discussed and described in the article written by Deborah Diane. We find it interesting as each distinctions are unique and they hold true for most seniors. Moving or planning to move into a long-term care facility is an enormous decision, therefore, we should prepare for it and we are the one who should be responsible to decide which care setting we prefer. Having a full understanding about the care settings will help us make better decisions. But if we keep on denying that we will be needing help sooner or later, the decision making will be left to our family and loved ones, especially when the need for care already arises and we have not made any preparations.

Deciding on the right choices for ourselves can be tricky, but with careful planning, we can come up with a wise one. What's important is that the decision came from us, while we are still able to, and we should be ready to face the consequences of it.


  1. Upon closer examination, I see that you did include a link to my article. I apologize for my harsh stance. You can keep this article in the form you have written it. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Deborah, I always follow your blog as they are informative and interesting. Have a great day!


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