Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Baby Boomer's Early Retirement: Health, Finances and Long-Term Care Issues May Interfere

Based from different surveys and studies, baby boomers are more worried about the affordability of health services than their own health. Health and long-term care issues are threat to their financial strength, thus, a threat to their retirement savings and plans. It will impact not only their finances but also their relation to their family.
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However, no matter how big health and financial issues are, majority of seniors and baby boomers are not planning for it nor taking any action to prepare for it. As a result, some boomers continue to be in the workforce beyond retirement age in order to fund any health and long-term care expenses. But for some boomers, they retire earlier than expected, due to health issues. This situation leads to a more devastating result. 

Planning early is your best course of action if you want to spend golden years in comfort, you may even retire early as suggested in longtermcareprimer, but you have to consider some factors including your health, finances and long-term care risk. Some people think that you can only retire early if you are financially successful, but you can possible do that if you want more years to enjoy. You never really know when a health or long-term care issues may arise, thus, putting a stop or interfere with your leisure time in retirement. 

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