Thursday, January 22, 2015

Boomers Retirement Plan - Going Against the Trend

When you say "baby boomers" most people think of a senior citizen in their retirement years, this is somehow true because the oldest baby boomers are already retired and the youngest of them is in already in their golden years.
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Perhaps, people perceived retirement as a time to travel, play golf, relax and enjoy leisure time without having to worry about deadlines and office stress. However, current trends showed that not all boomers are traveling nor thinking about spending time playing golf. As they approach retirement, boomers are making decisions based on their financial capability, basically because they were the ones who are most affected by the great recession.

They are trying to pursue their financial goals but is more focused on home ownership and retirement savings. Foxbusiness discuss the bucking past trends of how boomers stay put in retirement. The boomers retirement plan may be consistent for years and we are yet to see how they are going to get along with these plans

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