Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Boomer Health: How Sitting Can be Hazardous To Your Health

Perhaps the best gift you can give to an aging loved one is health, health is indeed wealth and no amount of money can guarantee that you will be healthy for the rest of your days. It is your personal responsibility to stay fit and healthy.

A lot of seniors want an effective fitness program that will allow them to stay fit, but at the same time, will not be dangerous enough to damage their bones. Due to frailty brough about by aging, most aging adults becomes a couch potato, sitting in front of their computers or television. However, based on an article written by Amy Kraft on Boomerplusyoga, sitting can be hazardous and may lead to certain health issues. It can bring damages to your cardiovascular system, which is the same effect brough about by smoking, so even if you keep a clean living and don't smoke, you may still suffer if you just keep on sitting. There should also be proper way of sitting that will benefit your postural alignment. 

Yoga is one good way to maintain physically fit without tedious movement, with a yoga program you can benefit by decreasing certain risks to your health. You may still do physical activities but be sure to consult a professional fitness instructor so he can provide you with a program that will not damage your body and system. Longtermcareprimer suggest things that you need to know before working out. 

Make sure to do your assignment first and research on what is good for your based on your age before starting out any work out, but be sure not to sit all day as well. There should be a balance on your physical activity so you can be both healthy and safe

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