Monday, January 26, 2015

Boomers Live Better When Cared at Home

The process of aging as they say, is inevitable, it is something beyond our control, therefore, we must learn to accept and make the most out of it. Boomers are very much aware of this fact, and with aging comes frailty and immobility. Although this condition does not cut across all boomers and aging individuals but most of them experience it as they age.
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Aside from age, illness and disability may hinder a person's ability to move freely and perform daily activities. This is when the need for long-term care arises, too often, seniors and boomers fears the idea of being in a long-term care facility especially nursing homes. This is the main reason why majority of elder individuals preferred to be cared at home.

Receiving care at home provides many values - both economic and personal. Aside from being affordable, study shows that care recipients improves their well being and recovers faster when cared at home.

Carol Marak, an editor at Senior Living shares the benefits that boomers get when they recieve care at home compared to other long-term care facilities.  The summary of  values that boomers get when they are cared at home includes health advantages, freedom, companionship, affordability and comfort.

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