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Health Concerns of Baby Boomers: A Burden Imposed by Aging

Health is always a serious matter and we humans try our best to prolong life itself. Years of study and research has successfully prevented many diseases from taking lives but there are still chronic ailments that we do not have a cure for. Most of these causes can be prevented by having long term care.
Many of these illness are related to aging but the incident of dying can still be prevented. Some incidences of death are caused by unsupervised activities. Some of these deaths could have been prevented by having someone watch over them and monitor their actions. There are several causes and Deanne Goodman discussed the top 10 health concerns for baby boomers

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We have also listed some of the leading causes of deaths among seniors and baby boomers. These deaths are caused by chronic illness so be responsible for your own health;

Heart Diseases
The leading cause of deaths in the US, heart disease or cardiovascular disease involves the heart and blood vessels. It has over 10 types which include; heart inflammation heart failure, abnormalities of heart rhythm and many others.
Heart diseases can be avoided by monitoring risk factors which include age, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and several other factors.

Malignant Tumors
Commonly known as cancer, a malignant tumor is an abnormality with cell growth. There are 200 identified tumors that affect humans. Familiar cancers include: bone, skin, brain, lungs and kidney.
Malignant tumors have no cure but through several treatment methods such as chemotherapy, the progression of the condition is controlled, suppressed and slowed down.
Cancer risk factors include: tobacco, infections, diet, lack of physical activity, pollution and obesity.

Cerebrovascular Diseases
These kinds of diseases are related to the brain. Hypertension is the leading kind of disorder. Another fatal condition is Stroke.
The main causes of cerebrovascular diseases are blood clots in the artery and low levels of blood flow to the brain. The risk factors include smoking, hypertension, obesity and diabetes.
This is prevented by exercising daily and eating right. It also involves reduced tobacco and alcohol intake.

Chronic lower respiratory diseases
These are lung related conditions. It affects breathing which can lead to lack of oxygen to the body and to the brain - which can cause brain damage.
These diseases include Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis. Emphysema is having an irregular or damaged condition of the lungs, making breathing hard. Chronic bronchitis is having clogged lung linings. The leading risk factor is smoking since it damages the lungs.

Although not an acquired illness, accidents in America have been one of the leading causes of deaths. Authorities from different establishments have setup early warning signs to prevent unfortunate events.
Some incidences occur often with vehicular accidents which are caused by drunk or wreck less driving. Others are bicycle or motorcycle related while some are work related accidents.
There are also counts of sporting events accidents whether the victims are included in the event or venue related accidents.
Accidents happen in many different forms and taking caution is the only way to prevent such events.

This is a metabolic disease where the person has high blood sugar. This is caused by a condition with the pancreas not producing insulin or the insulin produced is not having an effect on the cells of the person.
Most cases of diabetes are genetic and partially inherited. Taking a conscious control of the lifestyle as well as getting regular exercise and healthy diet will lower the risk factors.

Caution is Key
All of these diseases have risk factors that can be controlled. Accidents may be uncontrolled but avoiding risk factors would prevent to further damage.
Most of these causes can be avoided. Caution and discipline will prevent unfortunate occurrences. Visiting the doctor can also promote good health and knowing how to be healthy or stay healthy.
In general, the diseases can be avoided through proper diet and exercising daily. Prevention has always been better than cure and with these kinds of illnesses; most of them have no known or discovered cure. With these cases, prevention is the only way to stop further development of the disease.

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