Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Long-Term Care: Believe It Will Happen To You

For most baby boomers, they want to remain independent and stay in the comfort of their home as they enter their retirement years, it is an important factor for them for aging in place. However, this may no longer be an option once a catastrophic event like a health or long-term care crisis arises.

For those who are still healthy and well-abled, they usually don't think that crisis may happen, but a sudden fall. accident or illness can change everything. As baby boomers age, they become frail and susceptible to injuries, the perception that things like these are never going to happen suddenly becomes reality. 
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This is the same realization that Tom Willoughby discussed in one of his blogs, The statement “I can’t believe this is happening to us.” is something that can be heard regularly from baby boomers who are in denial that they will ever need care. Based on longtermcareprimer, wrong mindset and expectation that family members will take care of them are some of the reasons why they refuse to prepare and get a protection against long-term care crisis. They expect that medicare and medicaid are the solutions to this looming problem. Not aware that a good plan and preparation is the key against this devastation. 

As Tom have mentioned, majority of seniors and boomers only realized that this even can happen to them once they are already going through it, and there is not much options left. Think about you and your family's future. Unless you don't mind being a burden to them, you can go ahead and deny you will be needing care in the future, but you still have to realize that the risk is there and it's increasing every year. Nothing beats a good plan and discussion with your loved ones so act now, while you still have the time. 

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