Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cancer Crisis: A Burden for Aging Baby Boomers

Today is World Cancer Day, a lot of people are joining hands to help spread awareness about this chronic illness and encourage the prevention, detection and cure to the disease. Considered as the second  most common or leading cause of death, this disease may require a patient to be on long-term care services, around 8% of claimants are affected with this illness. Cancer can affect people from all walks of life, regardless if you're wealthy or poor, young or old, however, the most significant risk factor of cancer is age. This being said, seniors and boomers have higher risk of developing the disease.
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There are other risk factors including lifestyle and environmental, thus, health experts encourage people to keep a healthy and clean lifestyle to aid in the prevention of cancer. Due to breakthrough and advancement in technology, we tried to battle and conquer the disease. Today, cancer can be cured, through surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy, some people have successfully went through these process and were cured.

Recent reports showed that baby boomers are unhealthier compared to their parent's generation, even with longer life expectancy, they have higher incidence of developing chronic illness, and this includes cancer. There have been efforts at prevention in the baby boomer generation, it is now the boomer's responsibility to be more active, maintain a healthy lifestyle, plan for the possible challenges brought about by the disease

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