Monday, February 23, 2015

Aging In The Right Place - Redefining Baby Boomer's Choices for Living

Survey showed how baby boomers are changing retirement, but when it comes to choosing their living arrangements, it seems that majority of boomers plan to stay put and "age in place". The idea of aging in place is to live independently and conveniently in the comfort of your home and with the presence of your loved ones and family members.
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According to Stephen Golant, older people sometimes become emotionally attached to their homes, thinking it's the best place to live out their lives. But Golant suggested that aging in place may not be the best choice for baby boomers and even their parents. Although home is the best place to retire, it may no longer be suitable for your condition as you age, especially if the need for long-term care services arise, it lacks amenities and other features that would allow a boomer to live comfortably.

Making the right living choices can be an enormous task, that is why there is a need to plan for it in advance, just like how you planned for financial, long-term care and retirement. Staying in a house that is no longer fit to accommodate your needs and desire can be damaging to you physically and emotionally.  There are lots of alternative living options, boomers only need to plan it carefully and determine which option is the best for your situation. Don't forget the most important detail in your living option, help should always be accessible from where you are. Where and how you live the last days of your life matters, therefore, you should make extra effort to make it worthwhile.

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