Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Boomer Watch: Are You Afraid to Grow Old?

"Age is just a number", this is an old saying which serves as a good reminder for people, especially baby boomers to be grateful and enjoy life. However, as we age, we become vulnerable to fear - fear brought about by the challenges of aging. The supposedly golden years of our lives becomes a great challenge in today's culture. The act of growing old gives us the notion that we are a day closer to being frail, outliving our savings, to the decline of our health and function and to mortality.

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Bonnie Joffe illustrates a story about the challenges and fears that baby boomers might encounter as they came near to retirement.

"Planning for the  elder years is almost surreal. It’s like revisiting the teenage hood – not really understanding the magnitude of what lies ahead. So how can we reasonbably wrap our heads around the notion of “growing old?” ".... Continue reading

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