Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Boomer Watch: Aging in place... Aging Well

Of course we all want to age in place, well and with dignity, but this comes at a price. This is the reason why people keep on saving money for retirement - to be able to maintain the material comfort they had when they were still working. How much are you willing to pay to ensure an enjoyable retirement and aging? It depends on how much we have saved, if we have not set aside adequate money then you might as well be willing to accept the amount of discomfort this can bring.

Aside from financial issues, aging well may also require you and your loved ones to have an open heart and mind to understand the changes that may take place. When an individual age, he/she may become frail and develop illness that can bring emotional and mental changes to them. Their limited physical condition may also bring depression - how do you deal with it?

Patrica Webber disclosed their secrets to a happy and well aging. This is the lesson she learned from her parents and shared it to her readers and followers ..Read the full article

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