Thursday, November 6, 2014

Boomer Watch: The Long-Term Care Scenario for Baby Boomers

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There are several studies that showed baby boomers are expected to live longer than their parent's generation, and majority of these baby boomers are likely to live alone in their old age due to several factors including, divorce/separation and a lot of them not being married. In addition, despite medical advances it was revealed that the health of the baby boomers is worse than their previous generations. This actual facts and statistics only boils down to one thing, the boomers are likely to impact the long-term care state of the country due to frailty or a more serious health condition that may require ltc services.

However, surveys also showed that majority of the boomers do not want to stay in a long-term care facility, they prefer to stay at home and maintain their independence, thus, it is expected that there will be a dramatic increase in the demand for caregivers.

Unfortunately, this generation has the wrong notion about long-term care, to date, majority of baby boomers lack information about this pressing issues and has wrong mind set due to misconceptions. As a result, they underestimate the devastating effects should a long-term care event happens. They need to think and plan differently about long-term care because gone are the days when an individual can stay with parents and grandparents and care for each other. In this changing environment, most women have careers and relying on family members to care for them may no longer be viable. There is a need to know if your loved ones are committed to providing unpaid caregiving services to you.

Given this dilemma, Longtermcareprimer provides the best long-term care action plan for baby boomers, advising that boomers should start considering possible care requirement and how you should pay for it, so they can maintain the quality of life they desire and avoid being a burden to family.

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