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Boomer Watch: Advocates for Baby Boomers and Seniors - Long Term Care Ombudsman

As baby boomers plan for their care needs in the future, it is best to be familiar with the different resources that they can tap. The government has a number of bodies and people that are specifically tasked to tackle any concerns regarding long term care and one of them is the long term care ombudsman.
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A long term care ombudsman upholds the rights of people by dealing with long term care complaints regarding care settings such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. They are primarily responsible in ensuring the welfare of the elderly residing in these areas. More so, he can also request the facilities to modify and revise their programs if he sees them unfit or unsuitable for the residents.

It is mandated for each state to map out and implement an ombudsman program as per the Older Americans Act. This program should be geared towards the enhancement of every aspect of long term care. The Administration on Aging (AoA) is the one responsible for over-seeing the ombudsman program.

Apart from this, the ombudsman can also provide guidance in choosing the right facility where you want to receive care in. He can work with your family and care services provider in order for you to receive the best long term care that’s suitable for your needs.

A retired Certified Long-Term Care Ombudsman and a baby boomer tackles the issue of elder care abuse and neglect and his advocacy to address this issue at babyboomersandmore.

Other government resources for long term care

Apart from the ombudsman, the government has also set-up other agencies that are assigned to promote the welfare of those receiving long term care. In all 50 states, there are Area Agencies on Aging that are involved with giving aid to individuals aging 60 and beyond in determining the right kind of care service and setting that is appropriate to their situation and health.

Furthermore there are Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that are tasked to determine which are qualified for Medicare and Medicaid benefits. If you are researching on the rates of services and facilities such as nursing homes, you can also request from this government agency.

The government is continually striving to improve their programs and services of long term care. Though there are still a lot of areas that needs improvement, its best that they are dealing with this issue the best way they can.

Private resources
Meanwhile, there are private organizations and people that you can also help you in issues concerning long term care. For one, there’s a vast pool of online resources that present a wide array of information regarding long term care, services, providers and insurance companies. More so, insurance quotes are also readily available upon request. All it takes is a few clicks and a simple form that you need to accomplish.
An elder care lawyer can also be your ally should your insurance company refuse to pay off your claims. He can give you legal counsel and act on your defense should such an incident arise. He can help you ensure that you get what you paid for when it comes to long term care insurance.

Being familiar with the role of a long term care ombudsman as well as the different groups and individuals—may it be a member of the government or belonging to a private entity—can help you get quality long term care. 

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