Thursday, March 5, 2015

Boomers Retirement Years - Happiness Beyond Financial Security

Times were, when seniors have the feeling of excitement brought about by retirement, but in present times, retirement seems to cause fear, anxiety and worries among baby boomers. Inflation, uncertain market condition, health and long-term care cost are just some of the few things that concerns boomers who are already in their retirement. People in their retirement only finds happiness and satisfaction when they have financial security. So, is retirement all about money?
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Happiness and contentment in retirement does not have to come solely from having a lot of money that will allow you have extravagant travel, leisure and luxurious things in life. There are simple things that can bring joy to a boomers life. Having a plan and finding your own way can lead to happiness.

This is the same principle of Julie, as she discussed how boomers can find happiness in their retirement, more than just the money, there are other factors that can help you find your bliss in retirement. Your attitude, spirituality and health are some of the simple things that you need to acknowledge.

Is it all about the money? I'd say it's all about your attitude on how you accept it and what you make out of your retirement years.

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